Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February's Weekend Workshop

Heavenly Hip Openers
Cool Springs YMCA
Saturday, February 19th, 12-3pm

This is an instructor's training workshop sponsored by the Middle Tennessee YMCA.  Instructors will receive 3 credit hours for this $30 workshop. *Non-teaching Yoga practitioners are also invited to attend.  Come enjoy 1 hour of lecture and 2 hours of practice
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Course Objectives:
·  Learn to develop a yoga flow that deepens layer by layer and is hip specific.
·  Cover Anusara principles of alignment that deepen hip opening.
·  Discuss Organic Energy Lines:  Crown-to-Tail, Skull Draw, Shoulder Draw and Heart Center
·  Apply “Primary Line” of Muscular Energy to all poses: Engagement, Alignment and Gaze
·  Explore where yoga and physical therapy meet and learn how to use yoga as therapy.
·  Gain practical experience creating choreography that builds and deepens as you teach it

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