Friday, January 14, 2011

And the Survey Says......

After sending out numerous emails (thank you to all who replied to the Yoga Survey), I think I am more confused than ever!  I am sure this is why people say "you can't please everyone!"  Right?  Truly there aren't enough hours in the day to teach a class that suits everyone and there are budget constraints - meaning we cannot JUST offer Yoga classes.  I know, I know....I almost agree.....can't people get their cardio outside? :-)  For now, here's our plan:

Monday will remain the SAME.   11:35-12:35   Vinyasa/Anusara blend
Tuesday will be ADDED in Studio C (meeting room) in Mid-February -  9:30-11:00  Primary Series Ashtanga Mix (meaning traditional Ashtanga form with a few Yummy Extras thrown in here and there)
Friday will remain the SAME format ADDING 30 minutes9:30-11:00 Anusara/Vinyasa blend

Now, this is a great start.  One thing I need from you!  For Tuesday's class, tell non-members.  In order for this class to "make" we need 5 drop-ins.....meaning 5 non-Ymembers to attend.  The drop in rate is going to be $10/class.  Now, $10 for a 1.5 hour class is unheard of.  So tell your friends and neighbors to come!  If we want the class, we have to get the class to pay for itself!  So, "Go tell it on the mountain - over the hills and everywhere!"  OR as Hank would say, "No standing on the mtn....."  He sang that ALL Christmas.  (so cute!)

I am looking so forward to these new classes together.  I am so humbled by all your comments and attendance weekly.  It is not me who teaches or shares but Christ in me.  I am so certain of that.  He shows up in these classes.....all I do is pray, teach the principles and to him be the glory.  As we forge ahead in strong, be supple, be sure......God is holy and Yoga is holy, too.

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