Friday, January 14, 2011


Someone asked me today why "Holy Yoga?"  why "Bear?" and why "Plus 3?"  Well,  Holy Yoga is the certification I am currently taking.  I cannot say enough about Brooke and this training.  I am amazed that all God is doing with Holy Yoga. (many more posts to come over the next 6 months!).  Bear - well, that is my nickname, if you will.  My sister use to call me "keah" and that led to "Keah Bear" and then was shortened by my sweet hubby to "Bear".  My children now even call my "Mommy Bear".  Many friends call me "the yoga bear" as a joke and that just stuck.  Mitch says I am so much like a bear....sometime cuddly and soft, sometimes grumpy and growling.  Honestly, I think that's just a woman.  Now, I do like to hibernate in the winter...I hate the cold.  And "plus 3?"  Well, look at the 3 beautiful babies God has blessed me with!  I am daily amazed that God entrusted these little people to me!  If I don't screw them up, it will be a miracle.  No really, I wanted this blog to entail my daily walk......with God, Holy Yoga and my 3 blessings.  They are so much a part of all I do.  I just couldn't leave them out.  So, there you have it.

Stay's gonna be a great 2011!


  1. You have such a precious family! I love reading your posts!

  2. I'll just keep calling you friend... and Mr. Miagi! :)

    Love and miss you... Ondrea

  3. Love and miss you too.....Mr. Miagi will be ready to heal you upon your return to FC.