Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Mess....My Message

Philippians 2:1-11 "Imitating Christ's Humility"  -  That was my pastor's message last Sunday as well as our Small Group discussion topic in Bible Study.  I left church feeling very hurried, unfocused and rather unchanged.  I have learned many lessons of humility over the years and although I knew deep down I could stand a few more, quite honestly my week was full!  My husband was leaving on an afternoon flight to Hong Kong (for 8 days!).  My throat was a bit sore and head was pounding.  Avery had ANOTHER indoor soccer game we had to rush to.  I was "lead room mom" for the Valentines Party which needed attention.  Oh and I am taking Holy Yoga training right now that SHOULD require 10-15 hours of preparation for Thursday night online lectures (which btw, I hadn't cracked a book this week AT ALL).  Soooooooooo..........Please allow me to share how God used this week to teach me his message of "Humility" first hand. 

Philippians 2 in my Bible is entitled "Joy in Serving / Imitating Christ's Humility".....hum?  joy in serving? children alone with me for a week while Mitch is in beautiful 70 degree Hong Kong.  Now, I know the flight is long but I'm thinking I'd jump at the chance to read a book uninterrupted, watch a movie, sleep, NOT change diapers, wipe noses or tears for a week.  Sign me up!  (Bet I could find some rockin' Yoga classes over there too!)  This is where God laughs at me I am sweet, kind neighbor Franklin Moss says to me after class Sunday, "if you need anything let us know."  I reply, "well sometimes it's easier without him.....we eat PB&J and cereal for dinner....he really doesn't help me that much."  YIKES - did I get a full dose of how much help my hubby really is!  I got sick.....and all 3 kids sick full swing Thursday night I was in tears on the phone with Mitch saying I was sorry for saying I didn't REALLY need help.  I have been humbled!  Flat on face in need of my partner in raising these kiddos, caring for self.....etc.  etc.   I truly believe God has a sense of humor.   By Friday, Presley and I tested positive for Strep and The Flu BOTH!  I am  convinced if Strep is in a 10 mile radius of us we will get it.  Hank, Avery and Mitch never get it BUT Pres and I always!  weak genes maybe?

Mitch took an earlier flight home - arrived Friday night to Hank and Avery partying on the Wii and Valentine's treats (for Presley's class party, btw).  Pres and I sleeping in his germ infested bedroom.  After 2 days of sleep and antibiotic, we're slowly getting back on track.  And really, thank God for Avery stepping up - a 10 year old becomes a 20 yr. old real fast when Mommy goes down.  She kept the house standing and Hank unharmed for 2 days.  She'll be a great mom some day.  With Hank as her practice, she'll be ready to handle just about anything!

My new friend Krystal said in class Sunday that her grandmama use to tell her "Chiiillllld make your mess, your message!"  I thought about this all week.  I could almost hear her grandmama.  This is just one of my many messes......and for this week "it's my message."


  1. Thanks so much for tonight Keleah!!! Your gift is a blessing. Thank you so much for your blog.

  2. Amen, Keleah!! I'm sorry I didn't realize you were so sick. You need to let others know! I would gladly have taken Hank or brought you a meal or something!

    Glad you're better. Holly said Sunday's class was awesome! I'm looking forward to the workshop tomorrow. Love you! Molly

  3. Hi Keleah! Oh, strep and the flu are no fun at all! I hope and pray you all feel better soon!