Monday, November 1, 2010

Pose of the Week - TREE / "Vrksasana"

Obviously "Vrksasana" is a balance pose but more than just balance it is a praise and worship pose.  With two hands extended and one foot grounded the 3 physical components of the pose go hand in hand with the 3 components of any pose - mind, body and spirit.  With my mind I meditate on you father....on your greatness, mercy and strength. (Ps. 77:12)  With my arms extended overhead, I praise you through your temple, my body. (1 Cor. 6:17 / 6:19-20)  With my heart open, your holy spirit soars through me flowing freely as grace, acceptance and love fills me so full, I overflow (1 Thes. 3:12)  For me, Tree pose is just outpouring, an overflow, an offering.  Furthermore, it is a wonderful transition pose.  I often use it to flow into Virabhadrasana III /Warrior III or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana / Standing Hand to Big Toe Pose.

1.  Spread toes and root down into 4 corners of your foot.
2.  Draw foot inward to the core and pelvis. Place above the knee - never on or against the knee cap.
3.  *Biggest Tip:  Hug the foot and the thigh together.  Use the foot against the flesh of the standing leg upper inner thigh to create deeper inner spiral.  At the socket of the standing leg's femur bone into hip - inner spiral (your bottom will stick out), then lengthen / scoop the tailbone downward.  This is not really a pelvic tilt but rather a lengthening of the tailbone down.  This will take the sway out of the back and create length.  Remember - "action over form"....Anusara inspiration.
4.  Place hands together at your heart.  Extend hands overhead into any variation as your feel comfortable.
5.  Lengthen the side body from hips to shoulders and bring shoulder blades on to back.

Modification:  Bring foot only as high as ankle / below knee.
Drishti:  Forward or upward.
Physical benefits:  Remedies flat feet, strengthens arches, ankles, calves and thighs
improves balance and circulation
Mental benefits:  Clears the mind, cultivates poise and focus
*Additional tip:  Great for runners or any athletes to strengthen ankles - close eyes as you hold the pose!

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