Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caught the Bug - Ashtanga Yoga

I have one week left subbing Primary Series at the Cool Springs Y.  I have to admit, this has rekindled my passion for Ashtanga.  This summer prior to my starting this 6 weeks commitment, I challenged myself to practice Primary Series every day for 30 days.  I was reminded how a daily practice of Ashtanga strengthens ALL your yoga.  The consistency not only grew me as a teacher, it grew me as a student.  I find myself wanting to teach it and practice it's contagious.  (Thank God for Beryl Bender's DVD!)

I just wonder, if I did a master class of FULL Primary Series (I mean ALL the vinyasas & all the poses, NO Short Form or Mix!) would I have students???????  Has anyone else caught the bug????????  I would love to know.


  1. So excited that you've started this.. it's beautiful, Keleah! Now if only I could get my littlest guy to stay healthy so I could put him in the nursery and get to one of your classes!

  2. I love Ashtanga! I would love to be a student once I have my baby! See you Sunday!

  3. sorry I wasn't there. we have full Sundays for the next few weeks. Ashtanga was my first yoga love, but I broke up with Ashtanga a long time ago. I love your Anusara teaching! Not saying I wouldn't be your student though :)

    P.S. So glad you have entered the blog world!